Friday, November 11, 2011

Worldwide Feast: 55 Great Global Food Blogs

These 55 blogs comprise Saveur's must-read list in the international food blogging community.
Worldwide Feast: 55 Great Global Food Blogs

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Kevin Ashton said...

Whilst this list is better than some I still rail against self-proclaimed lists of the 10 Best Food Blogs, or in this case 55.

Unlike The Oscars, Emmy's, MoBo's etc, I see no pressing need to have such an artificially created list. Unlike making a music album or a film whose beginnings were 90-100 years ago and thus heavily influenced by the US and the UK, food blogging is the first chance in history of a creative art-form to be influenced by the whole world. Indeed for amateur cooks, professional chefs and food writers to create a real melting pot and exchange of ideas.

Another problem I have with these lists is they encourage lookalikes, so many food bloggers quite naturally would like recognition for their efforts, but feel they can only get that if their page layout, photo style and even content are very similar to the “exulted ones”.

Thankfully these lists are not as influential as they once were, and hopefully food writers will stop using the notion of the 10 best list just because they can’t think of anything to write about.
Kevin Ashton
Chef and Food Writer